G2B Pics: All You NEVER wanted to know about G2B
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G2B Studios is recorded in the Guys Games and Beer Megacomplex located just off the North Beach shoreline in Racine, Wisconsin. That said the podcast has been moved to different floors throughout the years do to our massive success:

Studio One:
The first studio was located on the base floor of the G2B complex, right outside the chicken coop. It was AMAZINGLY cold in there in the winter as the room had no heat (Not kidding, true story).

The Guys Enjoying a Cold One (2012)

Studio Two:
Our second and most recognized location was the G2B basement room dubbed "Gamer Funk". G2B was recorded here until mid 2017.

G2B on Recording Night (2016)

Studio Three:
Guys Games currently records in the 6th sub-basement of the Guys Games and Beer Tower. The new studio is a dedicated recording space for the G2B staff and is hardly used for interrogations at all any more.

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