Thursday, October 12, 2017

G2B Ep. 277: Gaming Goodies We Are Proud Of

This week the Gutter Geeks talk about the gaming items that mean the most to them, and fill them with glorious gaming pride.

A big shout out to Vidja Gamer for the premise of this episode:

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Friday, October 6, 2017

G2B Ep. 276: Double Feature: Vindicta VR and Seedi Console

What's better than a G2B interview? Two G2B Interviews! Join the Gutter Geeks as they chat with Lara from Game Cooks about FPS VR Game Vindicta: No more gallery shooting folks -- you actually free run in this one! Not enough? Fine. The gang also chats with the Seedi team about a new retro gaming console that runs Playstation, TurboGrafx CD, NeoGeo CD and more from one tiny console, from the original CD's! Finally the whole freking thing thing is bookended by two, count them TWO episodes of Beer Court. More fun then you should ever wish for in this double feature episode of G2B!

Vindicta VR:

Seedi Console:

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

G2B Ep. 275: Team A.R.G. Talks Arduventure!

Team A.R.G. founder JO3RI stays up late with the Gutter Geeks for a discussion covering the difficulty and joys of programming an adventure game within the limited space of the Arduboy. More you ask? Also learn all about the Arduventure Kickstart including the special edition Arduventure Arduboy!

Arduventure's Kickstart:

Team A.R.G:

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

G2B Ep. 274: Best of Gameboy

It's been awhile since we talked about the good 'ol Gameboy. Unquestionably the most influential handheld game system of all time the Gutter Geeks discuss the very best "the little system that could" has to offer. Fair warning: This is an amazingly vulgar episode: Probably the worst language this show has had in years. You have been warned...

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Friday, September 15, 2017

G2B Ep. 273: WAY Worse Than E.T.

Atari's E.T. has been continually misidentified as the worst game in history. The masses who know that the game is really not that bad are sick of this oft repeated lie and are striking back with this list of games that are completely and utterly worse than E.T. ever even contemplated being. Now pass me a beer and listen...

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Friday, September 8, 2017

G2B Ep. 272: Games That Rock!

The Gutter Geeks have come back from Mad With Power Fest with a list of games for those who like music of the freaky long-hair variety. As a bonus they talk about what they've been playing!

BTW, the band playing on the cover is the SteamPunk metal band Automaton. You can check them out at or get a listen at