About Us

About Us:

Join the Gutter Geeks every week as our panel of 5 to 10 veteran gamers of all ages talk about the latest AND oldest in video and table top gaming. Whether it’s interviews with indie and established developers, deep dives on classic hardware, or just sitting around the table talking games while throwing back a few beers you are sure to have a great time with the gang from Guys Games and Beer!

Contacting Us:

If you are a developer and would like us to check out your game or product contact us at dev@guysgamesandbeer.net. If you have an indie game and your ad would make sense on both our audio and video podcast we offer ad placement absolutely free if we absolutely love your game. 

We  update our Facebook page multiple times a day. There are also frequent give-aways and our "guess the game" posts. If we are recording at a public event you can find out from there.

You can email us at info@guysgamesandbeer.net. If you want to hit on Larry use DrunkLarry@guysgamesandbeer.net

You can check out Rob's Youtube site HERE or the official G2B YouTube site www.youtube.com/guysgamesandbeer

Staff twitter names are  Retr0rob (Rob), SkaboyTD (Tom), and Supplisidejesus (Matt)
We regularly tweet G2B updates as well as other techy stuff at https://twitter.com/GuysGamesBeer 
Oh yeah! Got a question, comment or request? You can email us at ask@guysgamesandbeer.net.

Our little Steam Group is at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GuysGamesandBeer

G2B, Guys Games and Beer, and "Gutter Geeks" are Trademarks of the Guys Games and Beer Network.