Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Official: Black Ops is FINALLY Coming to the Mac

...Just in time for BO2 to come out for everyone else. I hate to whine, (oh who the hell am I kidding, I love to whine) but wouldn't it be great if they just released the second Black Ops game in line with the PC? *sigh*. Anywho there has been some speculation about the release since Steam's guts poured out a Mac listing for the game last week. Now Aspyr has confirmed Black Ops for release this Fall. OK, I really kind of wish my personal favorite MW2 had been ported first:
I think the actual emphasis on in game communication made that game the best in the series but the run and gun action of Black Ops comes in a close second. So I'm glad its coming. As far as MW3 goes they can leave that thing on the XBox where it belongs... Yuck.

I wonder how this will effect the strong (and Mac heavy) Modern Warfare gaming community. It's been a long time since the Mac has seen the Call of Duty love and I can only guess that Mac users will swarm to Black Ops like flies on a warm poopy. A year from now will there still be enough interest in old, creaky COD4 to scrounge up a good free for all? I sure hope so. 'Cause as much as I love a shiny new game, I'm still an old schooler at heart.

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