Monday, August 27, 2012

Mac Steam News: All That's Unfit to Print

A few Steam tidbits for both of you Mac gamers out there (don't flame me, I'm one of ya brotha')

Counter Strike Global Offensive went online last week and appears to be working fine. I also have it under good authority that it works WONDERFULLY with the Macbook Air's Intel HD3000i and 4000i based systems even though it is not listed in the HCL. Seen it with my own eyes folks: it's silky smooth without changing settings! I'll try to pry Jonah away from it long enough to get a screen recording of it this week.

Supreme Commander 2 and Shank may appear on your available games list but they are not playable just yet. Although both games have been available on the Mac for freakin' ever it appears that Steam users are just going to have to wait a while longer to get them. Release does appear imminent however.

Tiny Troopers arrived on Steam without much fanfare this week. The game pays tribute to Amiga's excellent squad based action game Cannon Fodder and is by many accounts a much better game than the recently released Cannon Fodder 3. Considering you cannot play CF3 on the Mac yet I think that is a pretty good deal.

Din's Curse, an action RPG by local favorite Soldak Entertainment showed up on Steam this week with the usual 10% off. We played the demo awhile back and liked it quite a bit. You could definitely do worse than this one.

Finally we have AVSEQ, one of those pretty audio puzzle games. I'm sorry I don't show much enthusiasm: It really looks quite good. I just have had enough puzzle games for awhile. If I manage to get a review copy on it I will do an update.

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