Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Episodes 25 and 26 Record Tonight!

I know you can't wait for your next G2B fix, and the guys are going to bring it to you!
Tonight the next 2 fantabulous episodes of G2B will be recorded!

So lock up your daughters.... and your livestock. The boys (and girls) are back!

Topic list: From the above top secret topic papers delivered by yakback to the G2B love shack hidden in the deep Wisconsin woodlands.

Episode 25: Steamed
1) What have we been playing
2) The best crap I never would have bought if Steam did not put it on sale.
3) The worst ""
4) Steam competitors (Desura, Mac app store)
5) What have we learned? Really, what?

Episode 26:
1) What we are looking forward to
2) Importance of controllers (XBox VS PS3) FIGHT!
3) Handheld gaming - Did Droid/iPhone kill the dedicated handheld?
4) indie junk: is the market oversaturated with cheapo games?
5) What has Larry learned?

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