Monday, October 22, 2012

New Giana Sisters Game is Out Today


Back in the late 80's while everyone was jumping, block bashing, fire-balling, and coin collecting their way through Super Mario Brothers on their low-brow Nintendo Entertainment systems I was snobbily jumping, block bashing, fire-balling, and GEM collecting in Great Giana Sisters on my high performance fire breathing Amiga 500. Sure, I'm pretty damn sure that the layout of the first level of GGS was exactly the same as SMB's, but it sure looked and sounded better. Well. that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for reading.

Oh wait, there is a point to this. Today a new Great Giana Sisters adventure, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will be made available on Steam!

This is no remake but a true sequel to the original Great Giana Sisters game that us geezers know and love. They have kept the original side-scrolling gameplay intact but with beautiful graphics and animation. Gameplay looks pretty darn smooth as well. Most likely I will end up checking this one out so look for a gameplay video and I will be sure to mention it on the next episode of G2B.

For now, why not visit the Giana's website or you can visit the Steam webpage for the game. Those of you who want to save a buck, or want to stick it to the man can get the game from GOG.Com or Gamer's Gate.

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