Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Episodes 41 and 42 Record Tonight!

Here's the Topic Cheat Sheet!

Episode 41: Flip Out Like a Ninja
1) What you been playing?
2) My Gaming Drinks: What do you drink while you game? Soda is OK!
3) Ninja/Karate Games - Favorite of all time? Recent releases?
4) Kickstart my heart - Martial Arts: The Trading Card Game - whatcha think? Shout out.
5) What did we learn?

Episode 42: The Meaning of Life
1) Whatcha been drinking?
2) Best video game villians
3) Sega: What are the best sega games?
4) Tech Talk: What makes a good gaming machine? Ease of use vs. customizing/speed. Other thoughts?
5) What did we learn?

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