Wednesday, March 27, 2013

G2B Ep. 48: Tom's Sticky Joystick

It's really no secret why Tom is the undisputed king of Amiga Gaming: He cheats. While he uses a classic polycorbonite Wico competition class gold-plated eliminator special joystick his poor victim is forced to make due with a Gemini land-fill reject that sticks when moving right. He denies it, but we all know the truth. Join the Guys as they discuss the fan tribute Fix It Felix arcade machine with Rick from who created it along with Bad Boy Bill. Not enough for you? Well Dustin and Kevin from drop by to talk about Turbografix and playing Tony Hawk games WITH Tony Hawk! You just cannot go wrong with episode 48 of Guys Games and Beer!
Recorded at the Midwest Gaming Classic.

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  1. Hey guys! thanks for having us on the show! Send me a message and we'll have you on our show in the next week or two.