Thursday, July 11, 2013

G2B Ep. 62: Larry Cheats at Munchkin

Larry cheats at cards. He hides 'em up his sleeves, under his beard, and even has a couple tucked in his fuzzy belly button. Last week he got busted when he tried to play a Munchkin treasure card during a particularly heated game of blackjack. This statement has little to do about this particular episode... it just needs to be said. No-one should win as often as he does....

Oh, speaking of cards, you fine listeners are in for a treat tonight as Forrest Bower from Baca Forrest Games chats with the guys about the upcoming Kickstart for Help Wanted: an adult card game where players compete to solve problems with often hilarious results.

Topics include what everyone has been playing, whether card games or pen and paper games are more fun, and the much feared What Have We Learned. Beer is spilled, Ben and Rob disappear for awhile and madness ensues. Basically exactly what you expect from Guys, Games and Beer!

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