Friday, January 10, 2014

G2B Ep. 85: WhipperSnappers

You kids.. with your larger than 19 inch TV sets and your multiple buttons and story lines... I remember when games were real games... Games that made you use your imagination, and caused headaches, nausea and permanent nerve damage! Those were the days! Yes they were. Join team Gutter Geek as they explore the depths of what they have been playing, why the media seems to believe that playing a video game is a childish pursuit while sitting on your ass watching TV is perfectly mature and of course talk about all sorts of off-topic nonsense you are used to hearing on Guys Games and Beer!

Games we talk about: Sleeping Dogs, Shenmue, Dumb ways to Die, Warframe, Hawken, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Artemis, Space Pirates and Zombies, Call of Duty Ghosts

 Audio version

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