Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thanks to All! From G2B at the Midwest Gaming Classic

Thanks to all the great staff at the Midwest Gaming Classic who provided so much help, support, sympathy and pudding shots! A big shout out as well to Dustin and Kevin from Video Game Rescue for visiting the show and joining us for beer and company, Rick from for graciously letting us borrow his excellent Fix-it-Felix arcade machine for our game room, the fellas from for stopping by for episode 99 and putting up with out technical problems, Forrest from Baca Forrest Games for drinking, hanging out, letting us play Help Wanted and generally just kicking ass all weekend: One of us brother, One of us!

Oh yeah, thanks to Ben Heck for being a great sport and putting up with your crazy neighbors, and being cool enough to have some beers with us.

Wait there is more! Thanks to all of you who came out to visit even though we were crazy crowded and thanks to all on the G2B staff who all worked so damn hard to keep everything going so silky smooth all while risking life, limb, and liver poisoning.

Finally, A big congratulations to the Noob and Noobette... but more about that in episode 98!

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