Thursday, May 8, 2014

G2B Ep. 101: 101 Castrations

What do a 101 neuterings have to do with this episode of Guys Games and Beer? Umm well you see. OK fine. They just wanted a cute spotted logo for episode 101 and couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with “Dalmatians”. What? there are over 100 words that rhyme with it?.. Ummm well….. Anyway join the Gutter Geeks as they talk all things classic gaming with Mike Kennedy from Retro magazine. Ancient gamers: this is the episode for you! Everything from Atari to Vectrex are discussed as well as the origins of Retro Magazine, Game Gavel and even Rob’s beloved Big Game Hunters. Still not enough? check out some of Mike’s gaming goodies in a special show and tell and enjoy everyone chatting about the joys, trials and tribulations of buying and selling gaming equipment.

 Hop into your flux capacitor equipped Delorian or step in to your big blue police box: It’s time to visit the exciting games of yesteryear with Guys Games and Beer!

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