Thursday, July 3, 2014

G2B Ep. 107b: Mech Day 3: In a Mirror Darkly

Unknown to our listeners there are 3 or 4 “alternate” recordings of several G2B episodes out there which for whatever reason did not make the cut. Those of you who regularly listen know that the bar is not set very high so if we make a redux there must have been something very bad going on… Very bad indeed.

This time we have a special treat as G2B will have 2 versions of the same episode: This “improved” version and a salvageable portion of the original which Travis refers to as the “Dark Timeline Version” to be released early next week. Both episodes refer to the same event: The annual Mech Day celebration that Tom throws at his palatial lakeside estates in southeastern Wisconsin. Both deal with one facet of mechs or another. One however is a sober, fairly thought-provoking look at giant robots and how much the G2B staff enjoys them and the other is a pure drunken mess fueled by dark side ale and a wild disdain for organization and indeed sanity.

Strap yourselves into your giant vertical tanks, power up your reactors and ready the PPC’s: See that rip in the time space continuum? It leads to the “Dark Timeline Version” of Guys Games and Beer!

Audio Only Version Below

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