Friday, September 19, 2014

G2B Ep. 119: 3 For The Retro! Recorded at BostonFIG

The Gutter Geeks are at BFIG, thrown’ back tall boys with 3 developers who are gaming it old school. Kick back and listen to the tales of future past as Katie from Phoenix Online Studios talks about the new Gabriel Knight release and Quest for Infamy: a tribute to Rob’s longtime favorite Quest for Glory. Not enough for you? Well then we have Jacob from the Dirigiballers by for a quick chat about their awesome western rail shooter/tower defense game Tumbleweed Express! What? More? Yeah, well how about the GameBoy inspired action side scroller Super Rad Ray Gun: Chris from Tru Fun Entertainment decided to come down and talk to the gang about that too!

Sorry about the background noise, this episode was recorded live from the Boston Festival of Indie Games.

Visit our guests and check out their games!
Phoenix Online Studios:
The Dirigiballers:
Tru Fun Entertainment:

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