Tuesday, December 20, 2022

G2B at GameHole Con 2022: Zeb Cook and Tom Wham!!!

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One has to wonder how G2B consistently gets so many of the gaming industry's  most interesting people to interview. Some think it is due to the Gutter Geek's reputation as some of the best interviewers in the business. Most likely though it's the free beer. Today we have a couple of the most amazing interviews we have ever done. 

The gang chats with David "Zeb" Cook
When you talk with “Zeb” Cook you have to bring in a few friends who would love to chat with him, Larry, Christopher and Michael.  Did I mention we were super excited to have Zeb on the show.

David "Zeb" Cook is a very former designer from the heyday of TSR in the 80's and 90's, responsible for 2E AD&D, Oriental Adventures, Planescape and more., He transitioned to video games in the 90's and worked n more stuff like Fallout 2, City of Villains, and Elder Scrolls Online. He is now transitioning to retirement.

Part 2:
G2B gets Tom Wham on his first podcast ever.  
So who is Tom Wham?  He’s been a game designer his entire life. He is listed as TSR’s 13th employee, so he was there pretty much from the very beginning of it all.

This is an interview to check out for sure.

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