Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wasteland 2 will use the Unity Engine

Wasteland 2 Kickstart supporters were surprised with a lengthly announcement about Wasteland 2's selection of the Unity 3 Engine for the loooong awaited sequel to 1998's hit post apocalyptic RPG Wasteland. iNXile Entertainment sighted the need for cross platform compatibility and the top - down point of view as reasons for the decision. The fact that Unity will make it easier to allow user-created content also ranked high among the reasons.

I for one don't mind the decision at all. Unity can so pretty impressive graphics, and the turn based nature of the game should not stress Unity's capabilities too far. The complexity of the game should not be effected and it should run on most major operating systems without too much tweaking. Now they may even be able to make an iPad version to take the Apocalypse on the road with you. This could also add a huge amount of legitimacy to the idea of using the platform for creating high quality games.

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