Friday, June 22, 2012

Drox Operative is Really Pretty Cool!

OMG It's Diablo... In Space! OK, well that IS an over-simplification, but the Drox Operative is indeed a starship based RPG shoot-em-up being developed by Soldak Entertainment, the guys who gave us Kivi's Underworld and Depths of Peril. In the past I have played Kivi's Underworld and Depths of Peril and found them competent, but I never really got too much into them. Drox Operative on the other hand is a completely different beast.
Even though it's still in beta it is really, REALLY difficult to pull yourself away from this game. We are about 20 hours in and still finding new goodies all the time. Drox features 10 playable races all with different ships with differing advantages and disadvantages. One of the things I really like is that you can create a new ship and continue the same universe with it instead of starting all over. Online and LAN multiplayer are included and are pretty well implemented. The universe is dynamically generated so you never play the same game twice. Soldak loves to create games with multiple factions vying for control and did a fairly decent job of building tension in Depths of Peril,  but it always felt not so much tacked on as just a "neat feature". In Drox Operative this tension feels like part of the game's DNA. I think this game is going to very well received. We will be getting a video preview together later on in the week so stay tuned, and we will be bringing it up on Episode 9 of GTB. You can pre-order Drox for $15.00 from their website and play the beta now.


  1. Looking forward to the video profile. I heard a bit about this, so I'm interested what you found out when you played it.

  2. Did you record a vid? if you didnt i could!