Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guys Games and Beer Episodes 26 and 27 Record Tonight

Tonight the guys brave the long forest trail to the G2B Love Shack in order to record another 2 madcap episodes of Guys Games and Beer! Tonight's topics will be:

Episode 26:
1) What have we been playing?
2) Travis and the Magic LAN party

3) Importance of controllers (XBox VS PS3) FIGHT!
4) Handheld gaming - Did Droid/iPhone kill the dedicated handheld?
5) What has Larry learned?

Episode 27: The Halloween Special
1) Half-Ass costumes
2) Gaming costumes (what cool ones we have seen)
3) The games of halloween: Scary games/ Halloween themed games
4) What have we learned.
Look for Episode 26 Friday. Episode 27 will be released early next week for the holiday!

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