Thursday, December 6, 2012

G2B Ep. 32: The G2B Singularity

All of this has happened before – and it will all happen again. It’s a rough night at the G2B love shack as the gutter geeks discuss the games they are looking forward to, their favorite hard ciders, how to game on the cheap and games you can play on your broken down shoddy 7 year old PC. But wait, there’s more! Rob has a foaming at the mouth raving mad rant about cheating in first person shooters and the crappiness of Toshiba tech support, Travis gets his post-apocalyptic game on, and everyone chimes in on whether LED or classic Christmas bulbs convey the spirit of the season better. Not enough for ya? Tom reveals that he is a tablet racist. It’s an extra long, extra loud, extra Larry episode of Guys, Games and Beer!

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