Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Episodes Record Tonight!

Here's the guide!

Episode 36:
1) Rob's random gaming crap: What do you guys think about this thing? (I'm bringing in a cheap Chinese console I picked up at Goodwill - Thoughts while we play!)
2) What the heck happened at Christmas? What games/systems/toys did we get?
3) What are we looking forward to: Games and systems for 2013
4) What did we learn?

 Episode 37:
1) What have we played?
2) Video game violence: Did you know that video games make you hurt people? Just ask Congress!
3) Most needlessly violent game ever?
4) Is that a Linux tab on Steam? HOLY CRAP It's LINUX STEAM! The end of the 2 party system. Good? Bad? or who cares?
5) What have we learned.

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