Thursday, April 18, 2013

G2B Ep. 51: You Can't Take Us Anywhere

The G2B crew lands at Toad Hall in downtown Racine, Wisconsin to record the pinnacle of podcasting greatness.

Cringe as the Gutter Geeks discuss what they have been playing, what they have been up to and the suffering of Electronic Arts and why EA damn well deserves it. Oh yeah, and the surprise topic of tabletop role playing games comes up with predictably terrifying results. General insults, crosstalk and intermittent background noise are par-for-the-course in this toadtastic episode of Guys Games and Beer!

Horrible vulgarity warning: Tavern episodes are recorded with G2B hosts 21 years old and older only, therefore this episode is predictably more rough than usual. ALERT! THERE IS REALLY BAD STUFF in this episode! Guys Games and Beer recommends strongly that you listen to this episode with noise canceling earphones so you can deny ever having heard it should someone ask you. You have been warned.

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