Thursday, May 23, 2013

G2B Ep. 56: Frankly Xbox and Playstation, I just don't give a damn

While the Gutter Geeks all agree that the latest console offerings from Microsoft and Sony are not very exciting, they have a spirited debate (yell-off) as to why these systems just aren't getting their juices flowing.

Rob laments the fact that he is still waiting for his Ouya to ship, Tom demonstrates his Harmony cartridge that allows him to run Atari 2600 games from an SD card, Rob shows off his JMX 7300 gaming tablet that he bought from the eerily named Not enough nerdness? Well, Travis has his gaming laptop strewn in pieces across the floor for the entire episode.. like Braveheart!

Add a bonus discussion about the Maid Roleplaying game and you have one heck of a loud and crazy episode of Guys Games and Beer!

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