Thursday, September 26, 2013

G2B Ep 72: When a Jet Plane Crashes Into a Train Wreck

Imagine a jet plane. The pilot jabs and pokes at controls while feverishly eye-balling gauges as they all pulse a sickly, glowing red.  He pulls back on the yoke, his fingers clawing into the leather bound controls. He knows it is a futile gesture, yet he fights nonetheless.  The great jet's engines smoke, sputter and flame as it spirals downward uncontrollably to an unavoidable and explosive end. Now, Imagine 2 trains... One laden with nitroglycerin and the other is loaded to the brim with 100 year old sweaty, dirty and highly unstable TNT. The 2 trains are headed at full bore at each other, both chugging grinding and groaning to a speedy and exceedingly violent end. At the very moment of impact the aforementioned plane crashes down into them causing an orgy of destruction. Metal and fuel spew everywhere, body parts strewn for miles and miles across the ruined, charred landscape. Imagine it... and you are imagining Guys Games and Beer Episode 72. A wreck so catastrophic it pushes the boundaries of imagination.... and good taste. Join the Gutter Geeks as they struggle to stay on topic as they talk about what they have played, how many bundles are too many, and whether Halo or Half life is the better game. Hang on to your hats... and your pants... It's Guys Games and Beer!

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