Thursday, February 13, 2014

G2B Ep. 90: Closing Time at the Shufflepuck Cantina

Join the Gutter Geeks on their virtual visit to the Shufflepuck Cantina as they discuss 3d virtualization products past, present and future. G2B goes hands on with 3D devices from the Vectrex to the Oculus Rift, all while downing some ice cold beer. Really? want more? G2B slices, dices and Juliennes their way through what they have been playing while Rob demonstrates his mad shufflepuck skills. Throw on a wooly sweater, sit down by the fire with your favorite lager and pop those earbuds in for another episode of Guys Games and Beer!

You can get the Vectrex 3D headset from Madtronix:

Audio Only Version Below

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