Thursday, April 17, 2014

G2B Ep. 98: Everything and a Bag of Chips

Usually after an exceptional episode such as 97 Guys Games and Beer likes to send you a giant steaming pile of excrement for the next installment... Consider it a test of the voracity of your listening dedication. Not this week however, We have everything for you this week.. EVERYTHING! Want guest stars? How about Ben Heck who walks in for a beer and ends up getting dragged into some G2B madness. Love life a little slow? We have an extra geeky engagement for your listening pleasure! Now that would be enough for anyone, but not for our faithful listeners, oh no! We also have Greg and Dan from Extra Life chatting about the joys of philanthropic gaming, and how you can get involved. If ALL THAT is not enough the Gutter Geeks discuss what we are looking forward to at MGC with yet another guest Forrest “Golden Boy” Bower from Baca Forrest games! All of this recorded live from the G2B Game Room at the Midwest Gaming Classic!

Sit back from the speakers while listening to this one ladies and gents or you shall surely be blown away by episode 98 of Guys Games and Beer!

Game for a Purpose at Extra Life:
Check out the Ben Heck Show at: 
Go to Bower's Gaming Corner: 
Find out more about Forrest's game Help Wanted :

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