Friday, November 13, 2015

G2B Ep. 177: Live From GameHoleCon Pt. 1

Join the Gutter Geeks live from GameHole Con as they talk about the sights they saw at the show and interview some amazing developers all while downing their favorite beers! Greatness awaits in this, the first of a 2 part GameHole Con Spectacular!: In this episode:

Erika Svanoe
Marrying Mr. Darcy

Brian J. Cano
Paranormal card game 3 Pillars

Troy with JTP Games
Conquest of the Stars

Adam from Adam's Apple Games
Brewin' USA

More interviews next week as the gang visits Frog God Games, Dan the Bard and more gaming with GigaRobo and Prove It!

Audio Only Version Below

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