Thursday, July 13, 2017

G2B Ep. 264: Too Many Games

Come join G2B's own Drunk Larry as he heads out on a field trip to Pennsylvania to visit the Too Many Games convention in Philidelphia. Great times await!

Check out Too Many Games at

1:07  Andre with Mega Cat Studios talks about Coffee Crisis and City Trouble
3:41  Nick from Pixelmetal talks about Sombrero
5:33 Limited Run Talks about how they help small indie developers release  boxed editions of their digital games.
9:12 Runaway Parade chats about their awesome board game Fire Tower.
11:55 (Intermission) Power Glove
12:36 Quadratron Games talks about Super Rock Blasters.
17:38 Semag Studio shows Larry their Hoopity Stick and he likes it.
20:37  Final thoughts with Larry

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