Thursday, May 22, 2014

G2B Ep. 103: Racism, Sexism, Show and Tell

It happens to all of us eventually. You are having a great time playing the latest COD, Halo, whatever with a really fun group of folks who are actually calling out targets, displaying feats of teamwork and just generally kickin’ the liven’ crap outta the game. Then someone says it. The “N” word. The big one. You lower your head in shame, quit the lobby and take a cold shower. You are now a wiser, sadder and more world weary person. You have been playing with the video game Nazis.
Hang out with the Gutter Geeks at Toad Hall in glamorous downtown Racine, Wisconsin as they discuss racism, sexism and all those other isms and why some folks seem to be such jag bags online. What’s more there’s the return of show and tell!
Pull up to the bar and grab a pint with the loudest podcast in the Midwest: Guys Games and Beer!

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