Thursday, May 29, 2014

G2B Ep. 104: 2 Years Of Beer

What do you get when The Most Popular Girls on the Internet visit the Gutter Geeks to help celebrate 2 years of low quality programming? Mayhem. If you miss the craziness of classic G2B this episode is for you! Find out things you may not have known about the internet’s leading ladies as they are quizzed about the history of TMPGOTI and their early, current, and future projects. More? Of course there is more! find out why Rob can’t stand COD Ghosts but plays anyway, Tara and Cassandra discuss Goat Simulator, Travis shows off his Steel Battalion rig and everyone reveals their personal preference on a retread of TMPGOTI’s most fascinating subject: Would you rather fart rainbows, or have them smell like flowers? Yeah. It’s one of THOSE episodes.

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! It’s G2B: 2 Years of Beer!!!!

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