Thursday, December 10, 2015

G2B Ep. 181: The Undiscovered Games

Sometimes great games don't get the attention they deserve. While dull repetitive cookie cutter games by huge developers sell millions of copies these great but mostly unheard of gems languish in the outskirts of time and space: Just waiting for a gaming adventurer brave enough to grab a gamepad (or mouse) and discover their exotic gaming awesomeness. Guys Games and Beer is not brave, but they are drunk enough that they will try anything once. Join the Gutter Geeks as they sit at their favorite adventurer's pub and exchange tales of games and sights unseen by the mainstream gamer.

Video viewers sorry about the lighting -- We were indeed recording at the bar :)

Recorded at Toad Hall in Racine, Wi
More on Zombie Party:
Cover character is from the excellent game Downwell:
Bangkokian1967's YouTube Channel:

Audio Only Version Below

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