Friday, June 1, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle V Brings it's A Game

Look. I know I say this a lot, but if you never listened to me before do so now: BUY THIS FREAKING GAME BUNDLE! Humble has posted their latest greatest “Pay what you want” game collection at and it is quite simple the absolute best bundle I have ever witnessed. Every game on this list is a member of my top 20 games of all time, and all of them run under Windows, Mac and Linux. For the love of all that is holy buy this now! Not convinced? Read on....

Included in the bundle are:

Possibly the best action RPG I have ever played. Also one of the very few games I actually finished more than once. If you want to know more about this one check out the video review I created for iGame Radio.

Sword and Sworcery LP:
An deep and original adventure featuring hauntingly beautiful pixel graphics. The soundtrack by Jim Guthrie is so good that has the distinction of being the only video game soundtrack I have ever purchased separately from a game. It's that good.

A spooky side scrolling adventure featuring a young boy searching the treacherous woods for his lost sister. The graphics in this are nothing short of amazing. Hey! Take my word for it! I reviewed this one for One Click Mac.

The Dark Descent: This one is on my wall of shame for just one reason – My wife will no longer let me play it. The game just plain scares the bejeesus out of me. This is a first person horror adventure game and it is absolutely the best of breed. Play this one with the lights off, headphones on, and your heart medication nearby.

A hilarious 3d action adventure game created by the great minds at Double Fine. Follow the exploits of Raz as he tests his abilities in a psychic summer camp. Original, charming and funny as hell. 

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