Friday, August 15, 2014

G2B Ep. 114: Game Changer

You can spend your whole life free from obsession: Playing some Bejeweled on Facebook or tooling around with some simple tap games on the iPad. Maybe some solitaire here or there and even an occasional first person shooter. Then it happens: You try out a game just for a few minutes, then the minutes turn to hours and hours melt to days. You are hooked and you don’t care. You drudge through work, constantly checking the time counting down every moment until you can just go home and play it: The Game Changer. Join the Gutter Geeks in their favorite booth at wonderful Toad Hall in Racine, Wisconsin as they talk about the games that changed everything for them.

Pull up a seat and grab a frosty mug of greatness: It’s time for Guys Games and Beer!

Audio Only Version Below 

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